Hello my name is Danielle and I am 20 something working mom.  About a year ago, I started to blog about kids fashion on this very website.  I recently decided to keep baby M just A LITTLE more private for personal reasons.  You may see glimpses of her on my instagram or on my blog but that is about it – no more posts that focuses solely on her.

This blog is all about me now – food, travel, beauty and life.  It is safe to say that my blog has now transitioned into a lifestyle blog. Join me on my adventures as I navigate through my new life as a mom – you will hear the good, bad and dirty.  Just because you are a mom, doesn’t mean you have to press the pause button on life.  You keep going and try to adapt to whatever situations life may throw at you.  Have faith and be strong.

Now buckle your seatbelts, because we are about to go through a bumpy ride.

I hope you enjoy.

Happy browsing!


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