Journal #1

I have to admit that I had zero motivation to do anything physical today.  I am not quite sure if it was because I am going back to work tomorrow or I was just too sore from the workout I did yesterday –  a 6 minute moderately intense benchmark workout from the Nike Training app. The workout consisted of push-ups, squats, lunges and jumping jacks which is done in intervals. The average time to do the benchmark is 6 minutes and I finished at 6 minutes and 10 second which shows that I really gave it my 100%.

It was quite a struggle for me to do anything today but I am glad I did.  I had to really talk myself into doing some form of physical activity.  I chose something that is not as intense as yesterday’s workout because my muscles are screaming.  I went for a 7 minute yoga session.  I felt relaxed and I didn’t feel that it was too hard on my already sore muscles.

Tomorrow will be a different day and I hope I have a lot more motivation than I did today.


Happy Browsing!

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