Favourite Holiday Drink

Surprisingly, my all time favourite holiday drink is peppermint white hot chocolate. Specifically,  the one from Tim Hortons which they call “Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate”.  This drink is the complete opposite of what I usually reach for when craving for a hot beverage – plain green or oolong tea (no fancy flavours here).

I am baffled as to why I actually like this beverage because it is nothing like having a cup of plain tea.  I generally don’t drink anything that is rich and overly sweet but that is exactly what this drink is.  It taste like sweet milk with subtle hints of coconut with a slight peppermint taste.  As odd as my description sounds, I genuinely enjoy having a small cup of this sweet concoction.  It gives me Christmas vibes  and makes me feel warm and cheery.  It must be the peppermint that is making me feel this way because I associate it with Christmas.

Back in the Philippines, my parents would put items in me and my siblings’ stockings (I thought it was Santa’s elves doing this).  If I recall correctly, there would be an item in the stocking each week.  We were allowed to feel the stocking but not look inside until Christmas Eve.  One of the items would always be a giant peppermint candy cane.  I felt so much joy and excitement when I guessed an item correctly – it was always the candy cane.

Now that I think about it, the beverage itself is probably not the reason why I continuously drink it every year.  It must be the nostalgia that I am enjoying that keeps me coming back for more.

What is your favourite holiday drink? Do you have a story behind it?


Happy browsing!

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3 thoughts on “Favourite Holiday Drink”

      1. I love my keurig actually! Even my mom has decided she loves it instead of steeping tea and not hearing the tea kettle go off (she burned the water all the way dry).


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