Welcome to another “Food Sunday”.   I hope all of you are having/had a wonderful weekend.

There are two things my family and I do every Sunday:
1.) Go to church
2.) Buy freshly baked pandesal
Baby M definitely knows what is coming right after mass because the first thing she talks about when we get out of church is pandesal (makes me kind of wonder if that is all what she thinks about during mass – yikes!)


For those of you who are unfamiliar with pandesal, it is a yeast raised bread roll that is popular in the Philippines.  It is slightly sweet and has a soft and fluffy texture.  It is best enjoyed warm right out of the oven and is often eaten with a cup of coffee on the side for dunking (not really my thing).  It is also good just on its own or with cheese, butter or jams.  I personally like it just on its own.


Pandesal is usually found in asian supermarkets.  Unfortunately, the ones you find in stores are not fresh out of the oven.  It is still tasty – just make sure to warm it up in the toaster oven.  Filipino specialty bakeries are your best bet if you want to try fresh pandesal.

Pandesal 4

Happy browsing!


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