Maple Crème Cookies

Welcome back to another “Food Sunday”.  To all my Canadian followers, Happy Canada Day!  Instead of going out and joining the rest of Canada on their festivities, I decided to stay in and spend some quality time with my little one, which I very much needed after the long week I had.  We did a little celebrating of our own by indulging on maple crème cookies and listening to some tunes from one of our favourite Canadian singer, Shawn Mendes.

Baby M does not eat a lot of sweets, so these maple crème cookies were definitely the highlight of her day.  It is sooo GOOD.  The cookies are crisp and filled with delicious maple syrup flavoured crème.  The combination of the cookie and crème is not overly sweet with just the right amount of maple syrup flavour.  It is perfect with a nice cup of hot tea.

Maple Cookies 2

If you like or love maple syrup and have not tried these cookies, then you definitely should.  You are missing out.

These cookies can be dangerous because you cannot just have one.  You will find yourself reaching for another and another until it is all gone – open at your own risk.


Happy Browsing!


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