Contact Lenses

If you are not following me on instagram then this will be new news for you. I got contact lenses! I have contemplated about getting them for months now and I am glad that I finally did.

To be honest, the main reason why I got contact lenses is because I really do not want to live through another summer with foggy glasses. I am not sure if this happens to anybody else but, whenever I get hot, my glasses fogs up which is annoying and slightly embarrassing – I really do not want to deal with that this summer so… contact lenses is my solution to that problem.

My optometrist and I decided that the daily lenses were the best option for my needs: minimal maintenance and weekend use (I have to wear glasses at work). The daily lenses does not require me to do much other than throw them away after each use, which I will not be doing. There is a company that properly recycles the lenses and its packaging so I will definitely be doing that instead.

So far, I am loving them. My eyes do not hurt or feel dry after 8+ hours of use. My optometry clinic trained me on how to properly put them on and take them out. They also went through how to properly store and take care of them – it is pretty straightforward because they are daily contacts. They also gave me trial lenses to use for a week before making a final decision- OBVIOUSLY yes, I want them.

Do you wear contact lenses? What are your thoughts about them?

Happy browsing!

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14 thoughts on “Contact Lenses”

  1. I used to wear them a lot when younger but my eyes are very dry so I mainly use them to go out at night or in some occasion but ,I really enjoy them in ra8ny or hot days like you….nothing worst then foggy glasses or those rain drops you constantly have to stop to wipe😀

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  2. I’ve had contacts since I was 13 and I wear daily ones too. I’m actually thinking of getting glasses this year but I forgot about the fogging! That happens to me a lot (I wear glasses at night). Now I need to think more.

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