Welcome back to another “Food Sunday”.  The days are getting longer and a lot hotter.  The weather is reminding me of my motherland, the Philippines.  I noticed that I have not put a single post about filipino food which I find kind of strange since I am filipino and I think it is about time that I write one up.  So today, I will be talking about my all time favourite FILIPINO dessert (it is not halo-halo) which is *drum roll* Palitaw.

Palitaw is a rice cake dish that is composed of 5 simple ingredients: water, glutinous rice flour, young shredded coconut, brown sugar, and sesame sesame seeds.  To my knowledge, the rice cake patties are traditionally made and cooked in the shape of an oval which is then coated with the young shredded coconut and eaten with brown sugar and toasted sesame seeds.

There are so many other filipino desserts out there and some may think that Palitaw is so simple and may not be worthy to be a favourite or even have a post dedicated to it.  But, it is the simplicity that I love.  It is very easy to make and I usually have the ingredients in my pantry.  So, whenever I have a craving for it, I can just go ahead and make it.  In addition, it taste really delicious.  The combination of brown sugar, coconut and sesame seeds is SOO good (I honestly do not have any other words to describe it) and using the sticky and chewy rice cakes as a vessel is just like the icing on the cake.  This dessert is texture heaven.  But, if you do not like a lot of texture, then this dessert may not be for you.  If you have not tried Palitaw, I encourage you to do so and let me know how you what you think.

I previously posted a recipe for Palitaw on here, but I have taken that down during the revamping of my blog.  But not to worry,  I will be reposting that next Sunday.


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