Wild Thyme Lebanese Restaurant

Lebanese food has easily become one of my favourites. Their food is refreshing and is packed with bold flavours – there is never a boring bite. I was introduced to Lebanese cuisine by my boss and I’ve been hooked ever since then.

Metro Vancouver is lucky to have a large diversity of restaurants but I noticed that there aren’t many Lebanese restaurants around. In fact, Wild Thyme is the only one that I know of and it is located in the beautiful city of New Westminster. If you are familiar with the city, you would know that parking is very limited and is usually NOT free. The good news is that this restaurant is very accessible via transit.

The restaurant is quite small, so if you do decide to visit make sure to come early to avoid the lunch or dinner rushes.

Wild Thyme

Wild Thyme has their very own brick oven which they use to cook all their flatbreads and some of the other dishes on their menu. I took my husband and little one to try out Lebanese food for the very first time and they were impressed and satisfied.

We ordered 3 items : Four Cheese Topping Man’ Oushe’ (flatbread with toppings), Kafta and Kashkaval Man’ Oushe’ and Kafta and rice.

Four Cheese Topping Man' Oushe'
Four Cheese Topping Man’ Oushe’

The Four Cheese Topping Man’ Oushe’ was delicious! It is very rich so a slice or two will suffice. I am not entirely sure on what kind of cheeses were on the flat bread but there was definitely something that tasted like goat cheese. There was also a hint of garlic. This was baby M’s favourite.

Kafta and Kashkaval Man' Oushe'
Kafta and Kashkaval Man’ Oushe’

The Kafta and Kashkaval Man’ Oushe’ is my husband’s favourite. The flatbread is topped with ground beef, parsley, onions, kashkaval cheese and arugula. Anything with arugula is good in my books.

Kafta and Rice
Half order of the Kafta and Rice

The half order of Kafta and rice is large enough to feed two people. It came with 2 meat patties that is covered with tahini and served with tomatoes, onions and rice. The dish was very flavourful but generally I am not a big fan of beef so I would probably not order this again. On the contrary, my husband loves beef and really likes this dish. I prefer the vegetarian option (not pictured, I tried it during one of my office lunches) which is roasted cauliflower served the same style as picture above. In addition, this entree come with salad and flatbread with four dips.

Fattoush Salad
Mixed greens, peppers and pomegranate salad dressed with pomegranate molasses
Wild Thyme 6
Fresh flatbread with four dips

The four different dips that is included with the purchase of entree as pictured above are Lebanese hummus, roasted red pepper, yogurt mint garlic sauce and garlic aioli. The latter two are my favourites.

Lebanese food is very delicious and packed with bold flavours. The spices and herbs used in their cooking may not be for everyone but it is definitely worth a try. I am glad that my first time experience with Lebanese food is pleasant. I will definitely be coming back to this restaurant and also will be hunting for more places to go to.

Have you ever tried Lebanese food?

Happy Browsing!

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4 thoughts on “Wild Thyme Lebanese Restaurant”

  1. Lebanese, Moroccan and Turkish cuisines are delicious. Full of spices and flavour, but not hot and spicy. Have you tried Paramount on Robson. We are in Vancouver for a couple of weeks soon and will be stopping in there at least once. Service is a bit slow, but food is good.

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    1. I have never been there. I will definitely be putting that on my “to go to” list. I just googled the place and oh my, the food looks delicious! It is making me hungry – not really the best time to be thinking about food.

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