Voodoo Doughnut

Some may say that Voodoo Doughnut is overrated and I somewhat agree. I came here not because I was dying to try the doughnuts, but because of curiosity. I have seen them on the Food Network a few years back and was quite intrigued with all the cool, fancy and overwhelming looking doughnuts they had. I wanted to know if the doughnuts where as good as shown on T.V.

Voodoo Doughnut’s iconic pink box.

I visited Voodoo Doughnuts Too which is located in East Portland. This location is opened 24/7 and offers free parking to customers. Upon arriving, I was surprised to see such a short line; I waited for about 10 minutes. They provide a menu but most of the items do not contain any description. So, if it is your first time visiting a Voodoo Doughnut location, then I highly suggest that you look at their online menu beforehand. Also, make sure you bring cash because it is a cash only place.

I ordered a variety of doughnuts. I am not a big fan of their cakes but, the yeast doughnuts are definite must try. Out of all of the doughnuts I ordered, I only liked “The Homer” and “Portland Cream” which I would categorize under their more simple offerings. “The Homer” is a yeast doughnut with strawberry glaze and sprinkles. “Portland Cream” is also a yeast doughnut that is filled with bavarian cream and glazed with chocolate (see, I told you they were simple).

Doughnuts as big as my palm

So, some of the doughnuts were as good as seen on T.V. and some were sub par. The main reason as to why I put this on my list of things to do in Oregon is not because of the doughnuts itself. It is because of the whole experience of lining up with a bunch of strangers for the same thing they probably also saw on T.V. or social media – most people in that line was probably excited to finally taste something they saw on T.V. I could feel the energy in the small line I was in – the conversations and debates I heard amongst the small crowd about what doughnut they want was just the icing on the cake. Coming here made you feel like you were part of something – Voodoo Doughnut seem to have become an institution in Portland.

My overall experience was fun and I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a “touristy” thing to do in Oregon to come here. This visit has fed and satisfied my curiosity.

What is your favourite doughnut?

Happy Browsing!

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6 thoughts on “Voodoo Doughnut”

  1. I agreed Voodoo was overrated. I loved the variety available – and some were super interesting combinations but I didn’t really love any that we tried. I much preferred Blue Star. I had a Raspberry Rosemary Buttermilk donut that was the most delicious donut I’ve ever tasted!

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  2. I have never been, but sometimes, I think the new dessert shops try to make the donut more interesting by putting all kinds of stuff on it and all it does is detract from the donut. Not unlike what Cinnaholic is now trying to do with the cinnamon bun. My favourite donuts were the ones my Mom used to make. After that, a good Boston Cream always gets me. apple Fritters (not really a donut) can be very good, just not the ones Timmies sells. Breka does a huge apple fritter that is very good when fresh. Why am I hungry all of a sudden?

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