Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint

Cape Meares is home to a beautiful lighthouse and the unique “Octopus Tree”.   It is located west of Portland and is conventionally close to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and Oceanside beach.

Other than the two main attractions, the park also have various hiking trails and picnic benches (I probably wouldn’t have a picnic here since there are A LOT of birds around). Because of time constraints, my family and I were only able to walk to the light house and back to the parking lot.  Although our visit was short, it was worth it!

There are several scenic view points along the way to the light house; each having a different view of the coast.

Cape Meares 2

Cape Meares 3

Upon reaching the lighthouse,  you are greeted with a wonderful view of the Three Arch Rocks (you can also view the rocks on the Oceanside Beach).  Unfortunately, on the time of our visit, the lighthouse was closed to the public.  According to Oregon State Parks website, the lighthouse is open from May to September.

Three Arch Rocks
View of the Three Arch Rocks.

Three Arch Rocks

I love Cape Meares and will definitely be returning.  I would like to hike the trails, see the “Octopus Tree” and go in the light house.  Just like I said on my previous post, if you are visiting the Tillamook area, then you definitely have to come here.

Happy Browsing!

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