Oceanside Beach

Oceanside Beach is one of the many beaches in Oregon. It is located west of Portland which is approximately a two hour drive away. If you are visiting the Tillamook Cheese Factory , then I highly recommend that you make a pit stop to this location because the scenery is beautiful. In addition, it is only a half an hour drive from the factory, so, why not?

Heading towards the beach

Unlike other beaches, oceanside is not commercialized. There are residential homes around the area and a few mom and pop shops and cafes. Other than that, there is not much around the place – so don’t expect to eat gelato by the beach (very common here in Vancouver). The highlight of this beach is being able to view the Three Arch Rocks.

Three Arch Rocks. Photo creds to my sister.

The beach is very peaceful; smelling the salty air and hearing the waves lap against the shore is tranquilizing.

Enjoying the beach

If you want to get away from the chaos of the city, then this is definitely the spot to visit.

I will be going back here, hopefully when it is a little warmer so that I can maximize my experience and take a lot more pictures.

Happy Browsing!

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