Things to do in Oregon

Every year, my family and I pack up our cars and drive down south to Portland, Oregon for a couple of days for religious purposes. In those many years that we have gone, we never once ventured out the city to see what Oregon has to offer. But, this year we changed it up a bit and decided to stay a few more days to explore Oregon. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much since the state have very similar foliage, weather and landscape to British Columbia. So, A LOT of pine trees, mountains and beaches.

We were there for four days and each day we picked two – three locations to go to. The first day doesn’t count since I came into the city VERY late. We basically lazed around and ate.

Here are a few places that we went to and highly recommend to visit (no specific order):

  1. Multnomah FallsMultnomah Falls
  2. Tillamook Cheese Factory 20180331_140919
  3. Oceanside BeachOceanside.jpg
    *Photo credit to my dad*
  4. Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint Lighthouse
  5. Voodoo DoughnutVoodoo.jpg*Photo credit to my sister*
  6. The GrottoThe Grotto*Photo credit to my sister*

I will be writing a blog post for each one of these places. So, stay tuned.

Happy Browsing!

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