10 Somewhat Interesting Facts About Me

I think that sharing some facts about me is a pretty appropriate first post for my transformed blog (confused? check out my ABOUT page). So, lets get started!

  1. I am from…

    the Philippines. I was born and partially raised there. I try to keep the filipino culture alive in our household by cooking and eating filipino food. I also try to visit the country at least once every three years.

  2. Because of my siblings, I learned how to…

    tune out just about anything – screaming, yelling and loud music. Those things do not bother me at all.

  3. I love..

    spending time with my family. Watching mold grow on cheese can be fun just as long as I am doing it with my family.

  4. My favourite cuisine is...

    Vietnamese. I love the different kind of herbs and vegetables used in their cooking. There is never a boring bite.

  5. My role model is…

    my mom. She is such a loving and hardworking person. One day I wish to be just like her.

  6. I am afraid of…

    the dark.

  7. I hate…

    being late because it stresses me out.

  8. Someday, I would like to visit..

    Croatia.  This is where my husband is originally from and I would love to learn more about his culture and immerse myself in their traditions and food.

  9. I have never been on a...

    cruise.  I am hoping to go on one in the near future.

  10. My favorite holiday is…

    is Christmas.

Let’s get to know each other. Tell me something about yourself.

Happy Browsing!

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6 thoughts on “10 Somewhat Interesting Facts About Me”

  1. It was nice knowing some facts about you so I decided to share a little about me.

    I am from Nigeria.
    My favourite food is afang soup and pounded yam.
    I am afraid of heights.

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      1. It is a delicious vegetable soup prepared with water leaves, wild spinach(afang), lots of dried fish, meat, periwinkles, cow skin, seasoning, crayfish, stockfish and palm oil.
        And it is eaten with cassava flour (garri), pounded yam, fermented cassava (fufu)etc.

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