Journal Entry: Scraped bumper

So…. I mentioned on my previous journal entry that I recently bought a new car. Well, guess what? There is now a scratch on the rear bumper. I am beyond annoyed and cannot stop thinking about it. Some person hit my car in the parking lot and my husband witnessed it. I know it is just a cosmetic thing but this is the very first car that I bought with out help from my parents. So, when things like this happens it is even more upsetting for me.

What exactly happened? Well, some vehicle was trying to park at the spot beside our car and I had a bad feeling about them parking there. So, I told my husband to stay outside to watch just in case something does happen and lo and behold that vehicle hit our car! Unfortunately, I was in the store and did not witness it but my husband sure did.

The worse part about this whole ordeal is the person denied hitting our car when my husband confronted them – there was evidence that they did in fact hit our car because of the paint transfer. I am very disappointed with these kind of people. Just own up to your mistakes! Is that so hard to do?

Anyways, I hope all of you had a better weekend than I did. Have a great night!

Happy reading!

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