Down Puffer Parka Coat

Spring is just a few months away so I am making the best out of the cold weather by putting baby M in some cute winter outfits. Unlike the other parts of Canada, Metro Vancouver’s temperature rarely drops below 0° celcius. So, a good parka is enough to keep you warm in the winter. Some days, the parka alone is all you need and you can skip the layering all together.

Baby M only owns one parka. I got this particular one from Gap. I love it because the shell is water repellant and it is lined with warm fleece. The faux fur trim is also removable which is a plus for me.

For this first outfit, I removed the faux fur trim for a more relaxed and casual look. Underneath, baby M is wearing a light long sleeve shirt. It was a rainy day, so I finished her outfit by putting on her rain boots.


For this next outfit, I decided to keep the faux fur trim on the coat to achieve a more chic look to match with her cute peter pan collar knit sweater. I decided to put baby M in her brown knee high boots to compliment the beige and brown tones on her jacket.


I really love this parka because it is versatile. You can dress it up or down. I own a parka but it is not water repellant like baby M’s. A parka similar to hers is definitely going on my wish list this year.

Outfit details:
First outfit:
Coat – Gap
Shirt – Old Navy
Pants – Gap
Boots – Old Navy

Second outfit:
Coat – Gap
Knit sweater – Gap
Pants – Gap
Boots – Gap

*this is not a sponsered post*

What do you think of these outfits?

Happy reading!


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