Journal Entry: T.G.I.T.

Thank goodness it’s Thursday! My four day weekend starts now. I am very excited to spend time with my family, catch up on my k-dramas (I recently just got hooked on them AGAIN), reading, blogging and sleep.

Recently, I have been finding less time for “me” time which I think is very odd since I now drive to and from work which cuts my commute time to more than half. Meaning, I should have a lot more time to get everything done when I get home – from cooking dinner to putting baby M to bed. When I took public transportation I was able to squeeze in some “me” time by watching an episode of my favorite t.v. show or reading blogs on the bus. One of the reasons why I stopped taking public transportation is because I recently bought a new car (I will be writing about this the near future). I crunched the numbers and it is more cheaper for me to drive than to take public transportation to and from work, shocking, I know. Living in Metro Vancouver has a lot of perks but you have to pay a hefty price for it.

Anyways, enough of my complaints. I will make sure to enjoy every minute of my four days off and devise a plan to squeeze in at least half and hour to an hour of “me” time everyday (this one will be tough).

Now, time for my beauty rest. Good night!

Happy reading!

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