Journal Entry: December already?

It is now December and I still haven’t done any of my Christmas shopping.  I totally messed that one up for myself.  On one of my previous post, I mentioned how I hated driving; now that feeling will be amplified more than ever.   It seems to me that people forget how to drive during the holidays, which drives me totally nuts! I have seen people fight over parking spots.  Isn’t Christmas suppose to be the holiday of giving?  I am not looking forward to my upcoming shopping trips.  I have to make sure I have a solid list of what I need to buy so that I do not spend hours and hours in a crowded mall.

On the bright side, I started off my December by going to the gym.  I woke up nice and early (5:30am) on my day off. I have to be honest, I almost did not go because well… it is my day off!  Who gets up that early on their days off?  But, I am glad I did it, minus the jello arms.  I did a killer arm work out that my sister put together for me, hence, the jello arms.  

My sister is one the reasons as to why I am very motivated to reach my ultimate goal of living a healthier lifestyle.  She always encourages me to go to the gym with her, which I declined many times before because of a lame excuse: “I am too busy”.  But she never gave up (I will write a separate post about this in the near future).

It is now 11:40 and it is time to hit the hay.  I hope everyone had a good and productive first day of December.  Good night!

Happy reading!

20 thoughts on “Journal Entry: December already?

  1. You are my hero waking up that early on your day off to go to gym๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿปbreak your Christmas shopping in a coffee shop to have a ginger bread latte and you will see it will be much more pleasant๐Ÿ˜‰๐ŸŽ„have a good day dear โค๏ธ

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