Journal Entry: Busy Week.

I have been soo busy this past week with work and house chores.  I didn’t even get a chance to go to the gym.  Actually, I had one day that I could have gone but, instead, I did some last minute Christmas shopping (I thought that I bought everything I needed last time I went but obviously not!).  That shopping trip took about 4 hours!  I am not a big shopper so those 4 hours felt like eternity.  Plus, I had baby M with me which was nice but never again will I do that with out my husband or sisters.  It was VERY exhausting.

Not much happened during the week other than our office Christmas dinner which was held in a very nice restaurant.  Also, I got an early Christmas present from my boss which is awesome!!! She got me an instant pot which I am planning to use for the very first time tomorrow.

Anyways, I am very sleepy now so I am going to hit the hay.   I hope all of you have a wonderful week!

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Journal Entry: Wrong pair of pants

Yesterday was a very productive day.  I got some laundry done and went grocery shopping with my mom, sisters and baby M; it was a girls day out.  I have to admit, I can’t go grocery shopping with out my mom or sisters.  If I do, I will be there for hours and hours.  Baby M doesn’t like being in the cart (she can only sit there for about 10 minutes). She wants to be out to closely look at the different types of food and wants to help out by “pushing” the cart.

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Journal Entry: December already?

It is now December and I still haven’t done any of my Christmas shopping.  I totally messed that one up for myself.  On one of my previous post, I mentioned how I hated driving; now that feeling will be amplified more than ever.   It seems to me that people forget how to drive during the holidays, which drives me totally nuts! I have seen people fight over parking spots.  Isn’t Christmas suppose to be the holiday of giving?  I am not looking forward to my upcoming shopping trips.  I have to make sure I have a solid list of what I need to buy so that I do not spend hours and hours in a crowded mall.

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