Free of Added Sugar Work Week

Last week I gave up added sugar – no chocolates, flavored yogurt,  basically everything that contains sugar that does not occur naturally within the food itself.  I only consumed added sugar when the weekend hit.  BUT, I made sure that I treated myself to ONLY a few pieces of milk chocolate, flavored yogurt OR a cookie per a day.

I have to admit, I had a very hard time giving up the sweets when I first started.  Since Christmas is just around the corner,  my office is constantly getting goodies – gourmet cookies and specialty chocolates.  Who can say no to those!?  I am a big sucker for sweets.  It really took a lot of will power to get through the week.  But I did it and I felt really good!

This week will be round 2.  You are welcomed to join me if you would like.  All you need to do is drop the added sugar.  They are found mostly in processed foods, so just make sure you check the label.  Drop the sodas and juices; instead, drink plenty of water.  Remember, fruits are sweet and contain natural sugars, so eat those.  They are a great sweetener for plain yogurt and oatmeal.

I am looking forward to another free of added sugar work week!

Happy reading!

29 thoughts on “Free of Added Sugar Work Week

  1. I’m impressed!!! I’m horrible about sweets! I never used to like them but now I just go overboard way too often. Good for you! Hopefully keeping you in mind will help me limit them this week:)

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  2. I had a very hard time giving up the sweets when I first started too! But the second time it got easier. Now I’m back on sugary stuff but after Christmas I will quit sugar again! I don’t know but somehow I love backing so much I can’t live without it 😉 so I’m back “on track with sugar” 🙂 Good Luck!

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