Canucks Club 500 experience 

This blog post has been in the back burner for a while now.  I am finally posting it. YAY!

About a couple weeks or so ago, I went to a hockey game for the very first time in my life – thanks to my boss.  The seats we had were no ordinary seats; they are located on the penthouse level Of Roger’s arena which is formaly called, Club 500.

Club 500 offers access to a buffet style dining which is included with the purchase of your ticket.  The buffet opens an hour and a half prior to the game and closes at the end of the second intermission. There is also a full service cash bar where you can buy alcoholic beverages such as cocktails, beers and wines.

The place itself feels like a lounge.  It has dim lighting, bar tables, stools and lounge sofas. There are many televisions around the floor to ensure that no matter where you are you will be able to watch the game.  

My Experience

The elevator attendee took me up to level 500 where I am then greeted by the concierge.  They offered to check my coat by I decided to keep it since it was pretty cold up there.  Upon entering the “club” you will see the first food station out of the five.  Each station served different kinds of cuisines.  I am not entirely sure on weather they change the menu each game, but, when I was there they served the following (going by my memory):

  1. Chef attended sushi and fresh oyster station – sashimi, nigiri, sushi, and fresh shucked oysters.
  2. Barbeque – grilled chicken breast, barbecue pork ribs, corn bread, pulled pork, coleslaw, chili and tortilla chips.
  3. Chef attended carving station- prime rib with all the fixings on the side
  4. Chef attended seafood station –  lobster risotto and grilled salmon
  5. Chef attended Thai cuisine station- pad thai, stir fried veggies, satay chicken skewers.
  6. Dessert – truffles, lemon tart, cakes, pudding and fruit. During the second intermission one of the chef attended stations turns into a dessert station- they served warm peach cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Watching a hockey game while eating dessert.

The food was delicious especially the sushi and the lobster risotto.  I have to admit, I ate the whole time I was there and could barely get up by the end of the game.

As for the hockey game, unfortunately we lost to the Detroit Red Wings.  But I did enjoy watching my team (Vancouver Canucks) play.  The level of energy on level 500 was not the same as the lower bowl – no one was really chanting and cheering; most of the people were just socializing and casually enjoying the game over drinks and food.  If you are looking for a high energy chanting crowd then I suggest getting a seat on the lower bowl, thats if you ever come to visit Vancouver and watch a hockey game.

I was so immersed into the experience of watching a hockey game for the very first time that I did not get to take a lot of pictures.   I would definitely want to go back and next time take a lot more photos.

If you want to learn more about club 500, just visit their website.  You will also see a lot more photos of club 500 there.

Vancouver Canucks Scarf

Happy reading!

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      1. Yes, you described the food really well so I could picture it all looking so good! Haha, it’s 1am here so really a bad time to be hungry because I’ve got to sleep.😄😉


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