Graphic Tee

With my hectic work schedule, I finally got around to posting this.  About a month or so ago I posted a mini haul from H&M and this “NASA” t-shirt is one of those items.

The main focal point of this outfit is the loose graphic t-shirt.  Since this shirt gives a very casual vibe, I wanted to make sure that is carried throughout the outfit.


I paired the t-shirt with a blanket poncho that complimented the colors of her shirt.  Since the poncho and top are very loose fitting, I decided to put her in a skinny fit distressed jeans which further accentuates the casual feel of the outfit.


To finish off the outfit, I put her in her pink worn in sneakers.  I really love the look of this. I would wear it myself.


Outfit details:
T-shirt – H&M
Blanket poncho – Old Navy
Jeans – Gap Kids
Shoes – Converse

What do you think of this outfit?



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