Poncho & Messy Bun

The days are getting colder.  Soon enough we would have to bring out our thicker sweaters and jackets.  But for now, a light sweater would do the trick.  I have put away all of her summer clothes and pulled out all of her fall clothing which consist of: a lot of neutral and dark tops, sweaters and jeans.

For me, nothing screams fall more than neutrals and dark clothing.  For this look I paired a neutral turtle neck sweater with a pair of dark washed jeans.


I wanted to make sure that baby M’s hair is not in the way since she is wearing a turtle neck.  So, I put it up in a messy bun.


To finish of the outfit, I put converse chucks on baby M to give it a more casual vibe.

There you have it, baby M’s casual fall look.

Outfit details:
Poncho – Old Navy
Jeans – Gap Factory
Shoes – Converse


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