Recycled Dress

We only have a few days of summer left so I am squeezing in every “summery” outfit I could possibly put on baby M.  Soon enough all the sandals and shorts will be put away  and won’t be back till next summer.

The “peplum top” she is wearing was originally a dress but baby M grew tall very fast. Therefore, making the dress into a top. For this outfit, I paired the lace “peplum top” with an embossed denim shorts. Since the outfit is monochrome, I used two different textures to break it up. If you haven’t noticed by now, I love denim and the color blue.

Outfit details:
Top – George (Walmart)
Shorts – Gap
Sandals – Old Navy

Kids clothing are not cheap. I try to maximize the use of every single article of clothing she has.  If you can turn or use it into something else, then why not?

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