Mini haul: H&M Kids

Have you ever been in a queue to pay for your items and right when it is about your turn you suddenly decide that you no longer need half of the the things you have with you? Well…that was me yesterday at H&M.

I now present to all of you, my mini haul – coinsisting of only 2 items: a t-shirt and a long sleeved shirt. There are two reason on why I bought these items. First, the price. Secondly, both have cute designs! I was looking through baby M’ s wardrobe and noticed that she does not have any graphic tees other than her souvenir shirts. These two items are perfect additions to her closet.

NASA T-shirt on sale at H&M for $7.00 CAD.
“I LOVE U 2” long sleeve shirt, $12.99 CAD (regular price) 

I will definitely be posting photos of her in these shirts. Stay tuned!

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