DIY Pumpkin patch

If you don’t live near a farm and still want to somewhat mimic what it’s like to go to a pumpkin patch then try this right in your own backyard.

Fortunately, we have an abundant of farms near where we live. But unfortunately the weather is bad on the times we want to go, so we decided to make our own pumpkin patch right at our backyard.

There are only a few things that you need which are pumpkins and more pumpkins.

All you need to do is place the pumpkins all around the yard so that everywhere you look you are able to see a pumpkin.


Although we did not get to pet any animals, go on a hay ride, drink apple cider and eat a pumpkin pastry like you would in a traditional pumpkin patch, we still had lots of fun making our own pumpkin patch right in our backyard.  Baby M loved all the different sizes of pumpkins.  She carried the ones that she could and sat on the ones that were too heavy for her.


Hopefully we would be able to visit a pumpkin patch next year.  But if not, then I would definitely do this again.

*All photos in this blog post are taken by me.  Please do not use them without my consent.

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