DIY Halloween Candy Bags 

Every year we give out candy and chips to the trick or treaters.  It was such a hassle to grab a bag of chips from the bin and a handful of candy from the other each time the doorbell rang (especially when there are 5+ kids on our doorstep).  So this year we decided to make Halloween goody bags to give to the kids.  Not only is it easier to give away when the kids come knocking on your door, but it also ensures that each child will be receiving the same amount of candy.

We used a semi-clear (clear with jack-o-lantern print) bag to ensure that the parents and the kids know what is in the goody bags. Safety first.


All you need are:
Semi-clear or clear bags*
Twist ties*
Anything else you want to put in there (chips, juice box, crayons, etc.)

*can be easily bought at a dollar store or craft store.

This is our finished product.

We filled our bags with Pringles, Nestle chocolates, Swiss chocolates and Willy Wonka candies.

Our neighbourhood is no longer into the spirit of Halloween  (pretty sad), so we only made 50 bags.  We have a lot of candy and chips that are left over so if more than 50 children comes then we definitely still have something to give away.

What are you giving away this year?


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